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July 25, 2021
Moving into Mark 15 we find Mark's account of Jesus before Pilate. More of the Sanhedrin's blood thirsty lies, the crowd's demand for blood and Barabbas, Pilates acquiescing to a…
As we finish our studies in Mark 14 we end the chapter with Peter's denials. Peter sins boldly but then repents deeply. A good warning and a good lesson.

God in the Dock

July 11, 2021
Following the betrayal and arrest Jesus is put on trial. Sort of a trail anyway. No pretense of justice from the very people who are to embody the justice and…

Bad Blood

July 4, 2021
Moving forward in Mark 14 this week we look at the betrayal and arrest of Jesus. Mark adds an odd detail missing from the other evangelists. A young man who…


June 27, 2021
Moving forward just a bit from the section of Mark 14 we spent the last three weeks in we get to Gethsemane. Here we encounter what Martin Luther called the…

The Last Song

June 6, 2021
First Lord's Day of June and so time for communion. We are also looking at the first Lord's Supper from Mark 14.


May 30, 2021
This week we are looking at the story that surrounds the story we looked at last week in Mark 14. We will think about plots, Judas, greed, and moral failure.…

That Smell

May 23, 2021
This week we move into Mark 14 with Mark's account of a woman anointing Jesus with expensive perfume. Her actions provoke some very different reactions we will explore.