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Feeling Good

October 10, 2021
We will be looking at that great moment when John sees Jesus and declares him to be the Lamb of God. Short passage, but one filled with power and powerful…

Gospel John

October 3, 2021
Moving past the Prologue in John's Gospel to begin to look at the ministry and message of John the Prophet. John doesn't call him "the Baptist" even though his baptizing…


September 19, 2021
This week we will continue a bit in the Prologue to John's Gospel. How the Word is both life and light and how both are received or rejected.

And then…?

August 29, 2021
Our last look at the Gospel of Mark. I'll talk a bit about why we are ending where we are and why Mark ended where most scholars believe he did.

Post Tenebras Lux

August 22, 2021
We are back in Mark's Gospel with his account of the crucifixion. The cross is the crux of the gospel and can be profitably studied from many aspects. We will…


July 25, 2021
Moving into Mark 15 we find Mark's account of Jesus before Pilate. More of the Sanhedrin's blood thirsty lies, the crowd's demand for blood and Barabbas, Pilates acquiescing to a…
As we finish our studies in Mark 14 we end the chapter with Peter's denials. Peter sins boldly but then repents deeply. A good warning and a good lesson.