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Live and Die

November 20, 2022
Decided to move into John 11 this week. One of the best-known stories of the Bible - the raising of Lazarus - and found only here in the four Gospels.…


November 13, 2022
I think we will be finishing up in John 10 this week. I'm not entirely decided because we kind of skipped, or touched lightly, on the Good Shepherd laying down…

Never Gonna Give You Up

November 6, 2022
Picking up in John 10 and moving forward just a bit. A brief digression about holidays then on to characteristics and blessings of the true sheep of the Good Shepherd.

Get Together

October 30, 2022
Not immediately going back to John's Gospel. Big holiday weekend. Actually two holidays that more-or-less hit together every year. One a personal favorite of mine, the other not so much.…

Amazing Grace

September 25, 2022
We finish John 9 with one last encounter with the formerly blind man that ends in worship, and another encounter with the Pharisee that ends in frustration and anger.

My Back Pages

September 11, 2022
We are moving into John 9. A longish story for the Gospels around the healing of a man born blind.