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Shower the People

March 5, 2023
Beginning studies in John 13. Jesus gets up, apparently in the midst of a meal, to wash the disciples' feet. Interesting discussion with Peter...aren't they all? Turning a big corner…

Go Your Own Way

February 12, 2023
John steps into chapter 12 with a brief excursus on why so few were believing in Jesus. He goes to Isaiah for insight and makes a most interesting observation about…

It’s Time

February 5, 2023
We move forward just a bit in John's Gospel this week. We will see what has often been called "John's Gethsemane." Jesus expresses strong emotion about what is coming, but…

Closing Time

January 29, 2023
We will move forward just a bit in John 12 this week. Our section begins with some Greek folks asking to see Jesus. John never lets us know if that…

This Love

January 22, 2023
Though we are about a month away from Lent, in our studies in John's Gospel we are moving into that busy few days beginning with what has come to be…

Head Over Feet

January 15, 2023
Finally getting back to John's Gospel this week. Picking up where we left off, we enter John 12 with a dinner party, poured out perfume, a complaint, and a difficult…

Peace Train

December 25, 2022
Looking at the angel's announcement and the importance of and the quest for joy, peace, and good will.