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The Best Man

January 23, 2022
Finishing John 3 we move to an interesting time not covered in the other Gospels. Jesus and his disciples are at work near where John the Baptist in continuing his…

Blinded By the Light

January 16, 2022
Following 3:16 John returns to the light and darkness theme he introduced in the Prologue and develops them a bit further. I'm thinking we may look at amazingly similar thoughts…

Wild World

January 9, 2022
After six weeks taking up other matters we get back to John's Gospel. Picking up where we left off lands us squarely on John 3:16. Certainly one of the best…

Stoned Soul Picnic

January 2, 2022
I thought we could begin the new year with some thoughts about communion since it is a communion Sunday for us.


December 19, 2021
Last Lord's Day of Advent. We will take up the last verse of Psalm 100. Talk of the Lord's goodness, love, and faithfulness leaves me with difficulty trying to imagine…

Starting Over

November 14, 2021
As we move fully into John 3, we will be looking more closely at Jesus chat with Nicodemus. We can learn things about the grip of previously held beliefs and…


November 7, 2021
After kind of a dash through John 2 we are slowing down a bit as we enter chapter 3. Everyone, or at least nearly everyone, knows John 3:16 but we…