New Covenant PCA Church

Safe & Secure Environment

At New Covenant we are focused on your safety and security whenever you are visiting our facility. Whether that is on Sunday morning or during the week we provide many means to ensure you experience a safe environment.

Facility Safety & Security: Our facility has all secured entries including break proof glass in and around our doors. Access in off hours is controlled via registered key FOBs. All public areas are video monitored 24×7. AED defibrillators are available for medical emergencies and we are located just minutes from fire and rescue.

Sunday Morning Safety and Security: We have a “Deacon on Duty” who monitors activities throughout the morning. We also annually run emergency evacuation drills after a church service with support from our local Monroeville fire house.

Trusted Leaders and Volunteers

Anyone who desires to volunteer to work with children must have clearance through state and federal back ground checks. The following process must be completed before anyone may volunteer with children under 18.

The Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law requires any adult (18 or older) seeking a volunteer position having direct contact with children to obtain the following clearances:

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  2. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check
  3. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal History Background Check (only required in some cases)

All clearances are good for 60 months. If you have recent clearances through your employer or another volunteer position, we may accept copies of those if they are not older than 5 years. If you need to obtain or renew clearances, please follow these instructions:

  1. The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance may be completed online through the Department of Public Welfare’s Child Welfare Portal. The application is free for volunteers if you have a payment code supplied by the church. Please contact the church office to obtain your special code. Information you will need: Application purpose is “Volunteer having direct contact with children” andSub Purpose is “Other” where you can insert: “Church” and use New Covenant Presbyterian Church for Agency/Organization name. You will also need any previous addresses and names of those you have lived with. Online is the best way to complete this application, however, if you would rather submit it in paper form or simply see the information required, view the printable form here.
  2. We can process the State Police Criminal History Check from the office with the following information: your full name (including any alias or maiden names), gender, race, and birthdate; social security number is recommended but not required. Please email or call the office with this information and we will process it for you.
  3. If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for the previous 10 years, you will not be required to obtain the FBI Criminal History Background Check* to serve as a volunteer at New Covenant. However, we do ask that you sign a Disclosure Statement for Volunteers. 
    *If the FBI Criminal History Background Check is required, please schedule a fingerprint appointment; go to and enter the Service Code 1KG6ZJ. Follow the instructions provided for a DHS Volunteer; the fee is $22.60 for volunteers. Keep a receipt for this charge and New Covenant will reimburse you. Note: New Covenant requires the FBI fingerprint clearance when the volunteer does not meet the Pennsylvania residency requirement; we will reimburse the fee only when it is a required clearance.

If you would like more information regarding the Child Protective Services Law, go to the Keep Kids Safe website. Any questions regarding clearances may be directed to the church office at [email protected] or 412-856-5717.