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October 25, 2020


Passage: Luke 1:26-45

Well, going way out of my comfort range this week. Stepping out of Mark for one week to speak of some priorities for Christians at all times, but maybe especially in this election cycle. I was troubled a while back to see a "Evangelicals for Biden" sign down on 22 not far from home. Since then I have read a number of articles expressing the belief that Christians may, or even should, vote that way. I don't think so but have always tried - more or less successfully probably - to keep my opinions on political matters out of the pulpit. But these matters, well, matter. I will try my best to express little opinion and pastorally open the Bible while relying on clear statements of the PCA. Should you listen, you will know my stance and the denomination's stance on these issues. Please then as "noble minded" Bereans search the Scriptures for yourselves to see if these things are true. Then act accordingly. I am sure not everyone will agree and you do not have to agree with everything the denomination stands for to be a member. But, I believe, it is important at least to know where you are out of step with the prevailing views of any organization you are a part of. But please keep in mind our standards of membership and fellowship are faith in Christ and trust in his word. Not an R or D on some piece of paper.