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We are staying in John 14. Jesus promises not to leave his disciples as orphans and mentions others who actually are but don't know it.

Lonely People

May 14, 2023
Staying with John 14 and beginning to learn from our Lord about the Holy Spirit. Just a few verses (I know, shocking) but a lot to think about.
We continue in John 14, finishing off (I believe) the first section by trying to decide if it ends with two incredible promises, two vexing problems, or two great blessings.

The Way

April 30, 2023
We will be finishing the first section of John 14. Thomas asks a question and then Philip makes a request. Jesus' responses include the well known and much loved, "I…


April 23, 2023
This week we begin to look at John 14. There was a temptation to begin to take it in larger sections in order to finish the book by the end…

Fool for Love

April 16, 2023
This week we will be finishing our studies in John 13. We need to think about what was new in the "new commandment". Around that Jesus speaks again of what…

Shower the People

March 5, 2023
Beginning studies in John 13. Jesus gets up, apparently in the midst of a meal, to wash the disciples' feet. Interesting discussion with Peter...aren't they all? Turning a big corner…