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Strange Fruit

February 28, 2021
Moving forward a little in Mark 11 we find Mark connecting, in that "Markan sandwich" method, two stories that have not always played well with folks. The outer story is…


February 14, 2021
We will finish Mark 10 this week. Another healing story but with a couple notable differences from others. It is the miracle restoring sight to a man named Bartimaeus. That…


February 7, 2021
Moving on in Mark 10 we find Jesus giving the most clear prophecy of what was to come and the disciples continuing to misunderstand and ask the wrong questions. Yet…

The Great Divorce

January 10, 2021
Moving back to Mark's Gospel. Chapter 10 finds Jesus moving on to Judea and then pretty swiftly in Mark on to Jerusalem. We begin with a confrontation with the Pharisees…