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Love Is the Answer

December 11, 2016
Some folks think Paul's moving account of the incarnation in Philippians 2 was actually an early hymn or creed he was quoting. Possible, but we could also almost call it…

True Sadness

December 4, 2016
Now that we are knee deep in Advent we will be staying with Advent related themes. This week we will think about just who needed a Savior and why anyone…

Better Call Saul

November 20, 2016
With so very much anger, bitterness, and even violence still swirling around from the recent election, we will look at a far more peaceful transfer of power. Saul is chosen…

The Ark Arc

October 16, 2016
So the Old Testament reading could pretty well fill our time this week. Need to take in the next three chapters. They form one story and it does not, in…